About Us


We make products that help to ensure the health and safety of people and animals. Our products are of the highest quality and we stand behind them. Allied Impex was established in 1962 to cater to the equestrian/ leather good needs of the industry.  Today the company stands stands tall in the concerned sector and in associated areas, benchmarking the standards of quality and reliability. We are a leading manufacturer and exporter of Equestrian Products, Pet Care Products, etc.
Our company is also a renowned importer of leather chemicals. These are imported from Argentina, South Africa, UK and Brazil.
Over the years, we have built strong relationships with our customers by fulfilling their equestrian and pet care needs as well as their needs for leather goods and chemicals. Timely delivery of the ordered product is crucial for survival in this industry, understanding this we make sure that our distribution facility is fully prepared to take up any challenge arising out of the fluctuations in demand. Owing to premium quality of our products, we have an export percentage of 80% and a clientele spread across the globe. Our products are regularly exported to the markets of Europe.

Manufacturers of leather & Leather Products.  

VAT REGISTRATION NO.: 09837503275 


Quality Assurance

Our constant research of the market trends to know the preferences of our customers has given us a competitive edge in improving the quality standards of our products. Our Rugs for the horses with overlapping panels and adjustable elastic straps, are perfect for comfortable sizing and fitting. The elastic attachments actually stretch as the horse lowers his head to eat and then restore the blanket to its original position when he lifts his head up again. The leather products are light weight, yet durable and versatile. The saddles of our company distribute weight uniformly over your horse’s back to relieve pressure while providing exceptional stability. Allied Impex is a holistic enterprise with a wide quality approach which integrates multiple quality processes. We procure premium quality raw materials from reliable  vendors across the world.


We are backed by modern infrastructure comprising of hi-tech production facilities and a dedicated and qualified workforce. Allied Impex has a dedicated team of designers and  professionals across the country who monitor, review, evaluate and communicate safety issues with regard to our products.  We are aware of the sensitivity and concerns regarding the marketing of our items. Thus, we remain absolutely committed to high ethical standards. Our company has developed marketing codes and policies, via providing training to guide sales representatives, to ensure that they behave ethically and comply with the law. We have our own tannery in Kanpur.

Product Range

Equestrian Products

  • Bridles
  • Snaffle Bridle
  • Bonfire/Dressage Bridle
  • Mexican Bridle
  • Synthetic Bridle
  • Spanish Bridle
  • Show Arab Bridle
  • Waymouth Double Bridle
  • and more..
  • Breastplates & Martingales
  • Elastic Breastplate
  • Jr. Breastplate
  • Standing Breastplate
  • Hunting Breastplate
  • Chest Breastplate
  • Running Martingales, etc.
  • Chaps
  • Full Chaps
  • Half Chaps
  • Oily Leather Chaps
  • Nubuck Leather Chaps
  • and more..
  • Girths
  • Cushion Web Girth
  • Leather Chafeless Girth
  • Leather Jump pad Girth
  • Leather Dressage Girth
  • Leather Anatonic Girth
  • Half Curve Girth
  • and more..
  • Halters / Headcollars
  • Leather Halters
  • Fancy Leather Halters
  • PP Halters
  • Double Halter
  • and more..
  • Reins
  • Leather Jumping/ Ring Reins
  • Leather Connecting Reins
  • Super-Grip Rein/ Anti-Slip Reins
  • PP Reins
  • Web Reins
  • Longing Reins
  • Leather Browbands
  • Fancy Browband
  • Fancy Chain Browband
  • Fancy Crystal Studded Browband
  • Fancy Stitch Browband

Horse Clothing

  • Rugs / Horse Blankets
  • Summer Rug
  • Net & Fleece Combination Rug
  • Net Fly Rug
  • Winter Rug
  • Printed Fleece Rug
  • Polar Fleece Contrast Rug
  • Saddles & Pads
  • Treeless Saddle
  • English Saddle
  • Western Saddle
  • Jumping Saddle
  • Cotton Saddle Pads
  • Dari Pads

Pet Food

  • Ears
  • Munchy Sticks/ Rolls
  • Pressed Bones
  • Tongues & Lungs
  • Cut Pieces
  • Chips
  • Hollow Pipes
  • Twisted Sticks
  • Basket Squares

Leather Goods

  • Waist Belts (Men & Women)
  • Office Bags & Ladies Handbags/Purses
  • Leather Wallets